Ausra Jankauskaite

Painting is my work, my leisure, my meditation & my way of life.
I started my artist journey when I was 12. My desire to know everything was so big. I was so hungry of knowledge and ready to try all kinds of art, I decided to travel, learn, paint & listen to music.
So I moved from Lithuania to France, from France to Singapore, from Singapore to USA…
But every time I went back to the beginning. It was like theouroboros.
My hunger was so great that it took me 20 years to see the way of truth and finally calm down.
Under the whole painting, stained glass, art therapy practice, today I returned to the “serpent's head”, from what I started.
Finally I realized that all the explorations confirmed my chosen preferred one technique: watercolor, Chinese ink and paper.
By listening to music, people have feelings. The feelings are positive or negative, because we like or not the music. It makes us remember our past, but it also makes us think about something new, unknown. Music helps us to imagine and to travel.