Karen Fisher


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Roaming is common among those in the later

stages of the disease. It is the time when people

with dementia become increasingly anxious and

confused and many have a deep desire to go home.

They go out looking for what they’ve lost. They are

no longer at home in their lives. They are

unmoored and living without a sense of what

time it is, what place they’re in, and no longer

recognize themselves or who they’re with. They

are homesick. But homesick for which home?

Does home take on a different meaning for them?

Are they hoping to go home to a time when they felt

safe and secure? Leading one to wonder if home is

not a where, but a when. Maybe it’s not a dwelling,

but an identity, a need to come home to

oneself. It seems that in the end, it’s an

existential longing for where we were born, for

our childhood, our parents, our earliest home,

or a time when we felt safe.

Where is home?


60 x 48"

Mixed Media


Monthly installments accepted