art talk


the union of distinct parts


March 22nd, 2pm

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Join us in the gallery as artists Kevin Harris, Darren Haper, Cedric Michael Cox, Gary Hinsche and Scott D.U. Gibbs speak about the multi-layers of their artwork from conception to application. The event is hosted by community activist, Peter Benkendorf.

Peter came to Dayton on January 1, 2009, bringing with him Blue Sky Project, an international artist residency and youth collaborative that he founded and co-created in 2004 outside of Chicago. Peter continues to be active in the artist community, advocating for the local art scene, collaborating with local artists and galleries, and hosting exhibitions.

Kevin Harris is a multi-faceted artist who explores drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and digital media. His work is included in the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum as well as in numerous corporate and private collections. Through mixed-media works, collages and installation, Kevin enjoys making art by using a hybrid of media and methods.

"Over the past year, my work has been parodying certain formal aspects inherent in our contemporary society. I attempt to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria. This formal quality is offset by humor and whimsy which incite the viewer to make new personal associations and open a unique poetic vein. " -Darren Haper

Cedric Michael Cox is best known for his paintings and drawings which fall between surrealism and representational abstraction. His work expresses themes ranging from mythical literature to the relationships between the physical body, musical allegories, natural, and man-made landscapes.

Gary W. Hinsche is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and graphic designer. He studied design at Santa Monica College, Art Center College of Design and California State University at Long Beach. His work has always been grounded in the conceptual/minimalist space.

"I came to the realization that there are so many ways to look at things and conceptualize formulas to encompass my vision. My works are an exercise in the random placement of letters, texts and images that bring about a nontraditional grid. These are an aesthetic configuration of lines as elements, creating syntax through delineation, which no longer conveys the written or visual information." -Scott Gibbs