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The Dana L. Wiley Gallery is proud to present, Nature/Nurture an exhibition featuring the artwork by painter and printmaker, Gretchen Jacobs. This exhibit highlights perceptions of landscapes through the artist’s relationship with nature as the subject matter. The artist explores how interdependent we are with our environment and how our presence is impacted by the cyclical component of our natural world.

This artwork relies on the artist’s intuitive process producing effects that are impactful yet calming. Gretchen’s implementation of color and mark making are harmonious, complimenting and well balanced. Shapes emerge creating dimension within the work that has a meaningful interaction between positive and negative space. It induces a feeling one might experience when walking through the woods or interacting with the world outside our doors.



My work has always stemmed from a deep reverence and connection with the natural world. Recently, my work has turned inward, tapping into a well-stocked memory bank and a specific knowledge of landscapes and effects of the natural world.  By turning inward, a direct correlation occurs between my intuition/my center and from experiencing the natural world as my muse. I can then engage in a visual dialogue from a felt sense, working with an image until it feels right.

I am fascinated with the cycle of nature and it’s relationship to human kind - how integrated and interdependent we are. As my understanding of myself shifts over time, my work hopefully grows and expands with it. Through the process of painting or printmaking I am able to explore my own patterns and attain a more complete sense of myself. What sort of shape or place my presence might have through the work, and perhaps, what kind of mark, imprint or impact is left behind. I find that the natural world can mirror and/or reflect my life; enlightening the present, holding clues to the future and honoring the past. As other’s have shaped and influenced my life the progression continues, however significant, either small or large doesn’t matter.



Gretchen was born and raised in Dayton Ohio. She lives in a historic neighborhood in downtown Dayton that is adjacent to the Great Miami River and 4 other intersecting rivers less than a ¼ mile from her front door. She and her family spend a good part of their summers at a family lake house in Ontario, Canada minutes away from Lake Huron.

Her artistic vision stems from a deep reverence for the natural world, and from the places she calls home. Her city home and her rural Canadian home, provide the imagery for her work.

Gretchen received a BFA, from Wright State University and a MFA, from the University of Cincinnati. She also attended 2 summer semesters and Drawing Marathons at the New York Studio School. She was a graphic designer for 15 years before making a transition to fine art.  During that time she established ArtSource, a small business that helped local artists sell and market their work -  first housed in The Dayton Art Institute then later became part of The Dayton Visual Art Center. She has taught at Miami University, Oxford and at the University of Cincinnati both in, Ohio. From 2008-2014 she was an adjunct professor at Wright State University teaching Drawing, Painting and Color. Gretchen has lead workshops adjacent to her home studio and also at local museums.

She exhibits her work in regional, national, and international exhibitions.  Recent exhibitions and activities include a solo show at The Dana Wiley Gallery November 2021, The Winds Café, December 2019, University of Cincinnati, Clermont January 2018, Dutoit Gallery July 2017.  Misc group shows including; Dayton/Kyoto Print Exchange, Working Green, Prints from Zea Mays Printmaking at Motherbrook Art and Community Center, Massachusetts. In April of 2017, Gretchen is one of the six artists who’s work was selected to be part of the ReImagining Works, a partnership with the Dayton Art Institute and the Dayton Metro Library.

In addition to exhibiting her own work, in February 2015, she became President of the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative in Dayton, Ohio.





NOVEMBER 13TH from 11-1pm in the Gallery

Workshop Description

There are many different components of painting, however this workshop will focus on three. The first component will be to become more aware of your thought process. Second is to learn to trust your instincts while creating a painting, and third, to take calculated risks (*while having fun!). Quick decision making will allow for a "playful" process. In this session, we will focus on 3 or 4 small paintings.

”Having fun” isn’t just an absentminded, auto-pilot mindset. Playfulness can help alleviate self-induced pressure to get something “right.” Having fun is a process that can make available the support for risk taking, and tapping into a personal visual language.

All materials will be provided along with light refreshments. All levels of art appreciation are encouraged to participate.




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