June 4th - July 18th


The gallery is proud to present this exhibit featuring the works of four artists from around the country. Emilio Maldonado, Elizabeth Mead, Kevin Pomerleau and Holly Wong each bring works on paper highlighting themes of movement and space. These artists explore space as a way to present a theme or subject matter to the viewer to discover shapes created by light and shadow, or to express an emotional response to a global health crisis, or to observe how objects in a room effect our behavior. Within the exhibit are subtle movements, lines separating light and shadow along with more distinct movements radiating energy, therapeutic and healing. Each artist uses their unique voice to give the viewer a glimpse into their personal journey through movement and space.


In the Gallery, A Virtual Art Talk

July, 15th, 7pm In the Gallery

Due to extreme weather conditions, we needed to reschedule this Art Talk from June 18th. Please join us in the gallery for a Virtual Art Talk with the artists from this exhibition. We will discuss their background, process and this current series in the gallery. Tickets available on Eventbrite on May 28th. Space is limited.


Please visit our virtual tour of this exhibition at Movement + Space


Emilio Maldonado



My work is born from different sources: Unexpected realizations, the recognition

of absurdity, obsessive interest in a given topic, denunciation and inconformity, as

well as a sense of being overlooked.

I often use objects to present my ideas because their existence lays in the

crossroads of memory, semiology, function and design. I also explore ideas

surrounding the body through traditional media, because of the freedom they

provide to illustrate a thought and the accessibility of the material, which adapts

easily to any living situation and working environment, keeping across the board a

sense of propositions about the concept at hand.



Elizabeth Mead

Untitled Williamsburg G2 03


In my practice, working back and forth between materials and techniques in

sculpture and photography allows different aspects of my larger thematic

concerns to appear individually and allows one facet to appear juxtaposed to the

next. The “conversation” and influence each process affords the others has

brought breadth of effects and surprising consequences for my own development.


Kevin Pomerleau

Four Ways In


Through the use of stylized black and white forms and familiar/relatable imagery

Kevin creates an inferrable dialogue between each space and the figures that

inhabit/have once inhabited them.


Holly Wong

Icarus 4


I create installations, assemblages and works on paper that summon protection

and celebrate female energy.  Using materials such as colored pencil, drafting

film, paint and candle smoke, I strive to reconnect in myself what has been

fragmented.  Much of my work is constructed with ephemeral materials that are

both strong and fragile simultaneously.