Karen Fisher


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A couple celebrates 60 years of marriage,

yet it is a bittersweet moment. How can

she really celebrate? It’s true. Her beloved

husband stands by her side, but he is

absent…like a ghost, haunting everyone

at this milestone event in this couples’ life.

Not knowing where he is or what he’s

celebrating, he’s more of an apparition,

almost disappearing into the patterned

wallpaper. But she remembers their

vows--in sickness and in health, and

she understands all too well that she

is no longer his wife; she is his

caregiver. Heartbroken yet determined

to see him through the stages of

Alzheimer’s dementia, she becomes

the gatekeeper, custodian of their

past. It is a gradual loss. It is the long


60 X 48"

Mixed Media


Monthly installments accepted