Karen Fisher


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Against his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

dementia and its death grip on

personhood, I set the memory of my

father holding a bouquet of flowers as

if to preserve the indelible essence of

who he is and was—a sweet, kind

and generous man.

After my father’s diagnosis in 2014,

I was afraid that as he progressed, he

would become angry and violent,

succumbing to one of the most

common characteristics in those

suffering in the later stages of the

disease. I couldn’t imagine my dad

being angry let alone becoming violent.

What I hoped to preserve in my mind

was a loving image of my dad, such as one

of a man holding a bouquet of flowers, so

I asked him to don a jacket and

hold a bouquet of flowers. He readily

agreed, excited to be photographed.


60 x 48"

Mixed Media


Monthly installments accepted