Karen Fisher


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Mixed media 

8"x 8"


I’ve seen inside of her such a spirit that she calls for it in everybody else. It’s not just that she keeps that to herself, she just opens that up and lets it be and that spirit calls to others. We were just walking in the park and she pulled off this scarf that she had on. It was full of different colors, and she held that scarf up and she started to dance with the scarf and asked us to join her and we did. We all joined in her silly dance of the scarf, which was just a beautiful way to celebrate that gorgeous day that we were so lucky to be walking in together. And Rosie’s ability to just open herself to that moment was so present, and I’ve seen that time and time again with her. She just opens up her spirit and it’s more pronounced when she’s in nature. When she’s in nature, it’s like the world speaks to her and she speaks to the world, and it’s a language that you’re just so grateful to be a part of. Rosie will notice the way the light flickers off of a leaf. ~ Mary