Karen Fisher


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My dad suffered from vertigo in the later

stages of Alzheimer’s. He tried to explain

how he felt during those bouts. He would

say that he was slipping and swirling. I

wanted to create a piece that would

show what it might feel like for someone

experiencing vertigo. I used a checkerboard

with distorted chess pieces and playing

cards on top of a table that seems

to be tipping and slipping off of the floor.

My dad taught me how to play chess when

I was a kid and it saddened me

to realize that he eventually would not

know how to play or even what each

piece represented. As I worked on this

painting, I started to hum the song,

"Many a tear has to fall, but it’s all in

the game. Soon he’ll be there by your

side, with a sweet bouquet.” My parents

liked to dance to songs like this

one, so the idea of dancing and swirling

also came to mind while creating. 

60 X 48"

Mixed Media


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