Annika Lindfors


Ive been working as an artist since I finished The Graphic School of Art in Stockholm Sweden in the 1990's. I live in the countryside 1 hour from Stolckhom City, Sweden. I've always loved working with drawings, although Ive also seen painting as a part of my expression. Right now I am mainly working with drawings. 

I began to take a serious interest in looking at and drawing patterns and structures in nature. I like to get close to the trees, leafs and grass, and interpret what I see in to a drawing. The repetition of patterns in nature is so mundane that we hardly see it. To me it shows a context and a beauty, something that we are a part of.  The seemingly random order of grass, leafs and branches, may not be so random, it shows underlying structures.

I also like to depict  temporary moments in the landscape when I walk by, and there is a special light and shadow that  captures my interest. 

My paintings are more intuitive, and depicts scenes from the landscape in a more poetic dreamlike way.


Annika speaks about themes and the exploration of nature in her artwork.


Annika shares the connection between nature and her artwork