This gallery was founded to support art and artists and to help our community gain a greater understanding of our world through artistic integrity and critical thinking. Our purpose is to serve the community through events and exhibitions that can be inviting to all persons at any level of art appreciation. It is the responsibility of the gallery to create an atmosphere that is considered and respectful to the art, artists and viewer so that the inherent value of the artwork is revealed. 

We are an emerging art gallery, started in 2018 by two artists with no gallery experience, using what we know about creating art as a starting point with the hope that our efforts will be beneficial to art and the art community.

How to Find the Gallery

We are located at 1001 E. 2nd St. in the Front Street Building Complex, though the B/C Entrance and on the 2nd floor, suite 2405. For more information, please contact us at danalwileygallery@gmail.com.