Gary Hinsche

The Dana L. Wiley Gallery is excited to introduce new works by designer Gary W. Hinsche to the Dayton community. The collection, called AZ, essence of a letterform, is a series of large-format acrylic works that represent the culmination of thousands of hours of drawing and four years of work dedicated to expressing the simple essence of a letter, while maintain the attributes of a fully developed font: a family of twenty-six letters



About Gary W. Hinsche

Gary W. Hinsche is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and graphic designer. He studied design at Santa Monica College, Art Center College of Design and California State University at Long Beach. His work has always been grounded in the conceptual/minimalist space. He was first influenced by Craig Ellwood, a celebrated architect and artist. While teaching at Yale, Ellwood developed a close relationship with Josef Albers, who encouraged him to paint. To some extent, that link back to Albers has had a profound influence on Hinsche and the way he approaches his own work. Meeting Frank Gehry, becoming friends and working on a few of his amazing projects has also shaped Hinsche’s work. Hinsche’s work has been honored with gold medals from the New York and Los Angeles Art Directors Clubs, AIGA, the Mead Annual Report Show, and has been featured in Print, Graphics, and Communications Arts. He served as president of the Los Angeles Art Directors Club, sat on the advisory board of AIGA/LA and served as Adjunct Professor at the Art Center College of Design.