Mike Elsass is a nationally recognized artist with work in over 2,000 private collections. Mike has his studios in Dayton, OH and specializes in painting color field inspired work on weathered steel.

"I paint abstract art on reused/recycled sheets of steel. My art is spiritual, meditative, and is based on emotion, appreciation of opportunity, and the energy of people and places. I am mindful of the moment when paint, color, texture, and discovery meet. My work involves painting, sponging and sanding. Many pieces have over 40 coats of paint and glazing. The work evolves until the final coating. My steel art represents strength, life’s trials, aging, imperfection and beauty.” –



The gallery is delighted to present the artwork of
Mike Elsass. Mike’s artwork is about openness and spontaneity, a freedom to create in the moment without fear or apprehension. His artwork is acrylic on rusted steel creating a surface that encourages our own interpretations. The painter works on many different pieces at the same time which seems to satisfy the element of spontaneity and his impulse to create without hesitation, relying on each mark, each color to inform the next. The artwork derives its essence from different places like the swamps of Louisiana or the deserts of Arizona with the use of many different materials such as twine, silicate sand or crushed walnut. They are in a sense, an introduction to the diverse regions and the connections he’s made with the people, places, and their culture. 





Artwork That Works for Anybody

One of the best moments as an artist is the realization that your artwork has become part of the family home, as the backdrop for memories and stories yet to be made and set up to be enjoyed for many years.

Mike Elsass has been an artist in Dayton for over 20 years and during this time, he has had the privilege of placing his art in many homes across the country. 

Mike would like more of those who love his work the opportunity to enjoy his art so he has decided to make his small pieces available and accessible to anyone who would want it at a pay-what-you-can rate. This includes 7 x 7’s, 8 x 8’s and his 10 x 10’s. Please contact the gallery for an appointment to pick out an original Mike Elsass artwork for your family home today.