featuring the artwork

by painter

Mike Elsass 




August 13th - October 17th

Steel, water, and paint are the ingredients used in the process of creating the art. This artwork is about color and texture. Rust on steel painted with vivid or muted color palettes all infused with a surface worth exploring that allows the viewer to interpret their own vision. Each piece can never be duplicated. Each mark, each color informing the other. To the viewer, inferences and suggestions changing with the light creating moments of curiosity. The artist connects the struggles of a midwestern city in the heart of the rust belt with his signature style and the steel he knows so well.



                                  Mike Elsass                                      DLWGALLERY INSTALLATION NO. 1b


One of the strengths of this artwork is its versatility. This artwork can be designed to fit any space with any color scheme. Please contact the gallery with any questions about customization. 

Mike Elsass is a nationally recognized artist with work in over 2,000 private collections. Mike has his studios in Dayton, OH and specializes in painting color field inspired work on weathered steel.

"I paint abstract art on reused/recycled sheets of steel. My art is spiritual, meditative, and is based on emotion, appreciation of opportunity, and the energy of people and places. I am mindful of the moment when paint, color, texture, and discovery meet. My work involves painting, sponging and sanding. Many pieces have over 40 coats of paint and glazing. The work evolves until the final coating. My steel art represents strength, life’s trials, aging, imperfection and beauty.” –

                                                                                                                Mike Elsass





Please joins us on September 23rd at 7pm in the gallery for an evening with painter Mike Elsass. Mike Elsass is a prominent member of the artist community in Dayton and has been an essential supporter and promotor for the visual arts community at Front Street. Mike will speak on his years of experience as an artist and a businessman and how he became a nationally recognized name.



Artist Mike Elsass In His Studio