February 3rd - March 19th 2023


Artist Statement

This series of work began in 2014, during a residency at Jentel Artist Residency

located in Banner, Wyoming. The major questions were: “How much of the

landscape form do I need?” and “How much color do I need to express the

landscape light I was seeing?” This led to the realization that when looking off into

the distance, even as the light was changing, so was the moisture in the air; this

was affecting how I perceived the color. From there I felt I was painting air. Hence,

the series “Jentel Air” began. I dropped all references to forms in the landscape and

painted vertical strips of color that reflected what I was seeing during the dawn,

morning, noon, late afternoon, evening, and sunset each day until I left.        



Joan’s Landscape, Intervals

The interval series is an experiment that came out of a configuration of 

intervals of three and five. It’s a musical exercise that I translated into color and 

this vertical shape. I am not interested in that literal idea but where it can lead.            



Joan’s Landscape, Constructions


This series is a result of play, love of color, and improvising. I set no boundaries and

felt this would be how Joan would create. I had nothing in mind and I just start

cutting and putting the scraps together, working from the center out to its ending. 



Joan’s Landscape, Weaving

Sometimes, I return to a no waste or throwaway headspace. The weavings came

out of the Joan series and a concern with what I have and do not have. This makes

me aware that my present lifestyle is informed by a past resonance. How I approach

land management, food, and day-to-day living in now informing my art practice. The

Weavings and the Assemblages are a result of what is left over from the “drawings” I

make to determine the paintings.



Joan’s Landscape, Doorway

The doorway series came out of the studio during the pandemic in 2022. I kept my

door open as I was working and fell in love with the changing light as the days and

nights marched on. I found ways to capture what I was seeing or saw. the scale of

the color determined the size of the finished work.



Joan’s Landscape

This series came out of an artist residency at “Jentle” in Wyoming, in 2014. I

distilled landscape down to its purest elemental form: horizontal and vertical space.

After determining these two elements, my love of color became a third and opened

the door for a balance between observation and play. As I was returning to this

series in 2021-22, I unearthed my mother’s notebooks. In the beginning, I perceived

her quilts as domestic landscapes. This included the clothes, pillowcases, towels,

and other day-to-day fabric objects my mother made for me and my siblings. Yet,

reading her notes made me realize how close our abstract thinking is, so I am

compelled to honor her with this series. I used her first name only, it is her identity.




Curator's Statement

The gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, Generational Memory. Within this exhibit are different divisions of the same series, Joan’s Landscape. The concept began with the capturing of light upon forms at different moments in time. Later in the process, the revelation of a connection between the artwork of a mother and daughter inspired the artist to continue to explore nature defined by the distillation of shape and a relationship to color. 

In finding her mother’s quilting notebook, similarities between their artwork became apparent. Much like landscapes in form and color, the quilting blocks were a way for the artist to continue to connect to her mother. This encouraged the artist to continue to distill the object into its simplest form and to show how light reflecting on those forms in the space at different times, created a responsiveness. The color relationships in a grid format connect us to nature even though they are abstract. The artist has veered in a new direction that emphasizes an impression of the moment, not the passing of time. The result is discovering a connection to our past, our memories and even our own impermanence.

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1987 MFA, Parsons School of Art and Design, New York, NY

1982 BFA, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, Cum Laude

1981 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME


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Merit Award, Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH 2002

Best of Show, Rosewood Arts Center, Kettering, OH 2000

First Place, W&J National Painting Show, Olin Fine Arts Gallery, Washington, Penn, 2000

First Place, “2nd Annual MV NatureScapes,” Dayton Museum of Natural History, Dayton, OH 1998

Honorable Mention, “National Small Works,” Schoharie County Arts Council, Cobleskill, NY, 1996

Best of Show, “Piqua Fine Art Exhibition,” Piqua Historical Museum, Piqua, OH 1996

Show Award, “The View,” Rosewood Arts Center, Kettering, OH 1996

Professional Merit Award, “Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition,” Columbus, OH 1995

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Sheldon Berg Purchase Award, “Sheldon Berg Exhibition,” Springfield Museum of Arts, Springfield, OH 1990

Herbert J. Mueller Memorial Award, “10th Annual National Small Oil Exhibition,” Wichita Art Association, Wichita, KS, 1990

Bronstein Purchase Award, “42nd Annual Mid-States Art Exhibition,” Evansville Museum of Art, Evansville, IN, 1989

First National Bank of Western PA Purchase Award, “Hoyt International Painting and Drawing Show,” Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, PA 1989


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