Jean Koeller


February 3rd - March 19th 2023


Artist Statement

This series of work began in 2014, during a residency at Jentel Artist Residency located in Banner, Wyoming. The major questions were: “How much of the landscape form do I need?” and “How much color do I need to express the landscape light I was seeing?” This led to the realization that when looking off into the distance, even as the light was changing, so was the moisture in the air; this was affecting how I perceived the color. From there I felt I was painting air. Hence, the series “Jentel Air” began. I dropped all references to forms in the landscape and painted vertical strips of color that reflected what I was seeing during the dawn, morning, noon, late afternoon, evening, and sunset each day until I left.        






Pat McClelland


April 7th-May21st



My recent work, though complex upon completion, is actually derived from the exploration of a multitude of base-2 relationships: warm/cool, order/chaos, shape/line, reading/looking, formal/narrative, illusionistic space/acknowledgement of surface…   As the work develops these concepts merge, overlap, compete, and synthesize into a dynamic visual amalgamation that presents as complexity, but is essentially the result of simple, direct dialogue between prescribed elements.  The most challenging aspect of this process for me, the artist, is to manage these conversations and be willing to sacrifice early developments of the composition in favor of newer strata of alteration as the painting progresses.  Loss and discovery yield completion.